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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Basketball project, groundball pitchers & status update

As you can see, this blog has been inactive for a while. Not to say that *I* have been inactive. Rather, I have focused my sports cycles on basketball. Simply put, I created a system to write live commentary on NBA games. It's been on Twitter for awhile now, and I have a website with live summaries, as well, although it's in Alpha :-)

If you want to follow along on Twitter, check out my accounts for some of the top NBA teams in the playoffs. Lakers Celtics Heat Magic Bulls Spurs Knicks Mavs Blazers OKC Thunder

I've been meaning to return to some of the baseball analysis, but man I've been busy. I saw an article I wrote about ground ball pitchers got some traction on Baseball Think Factory. I'm sure glad I called it
"incomplete thoughts on groundball pitchers," since a lot of people seemed to disagree with my conclusion. And perhaps they are right. There have certainly been lots of good pitchers who depend on ground balls more than on strikeouts. It's an interesting discussion to return to, at some point.